Pocket Massage Gun

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Small, but Powerful

Renpho mini massage gun uses a custom-designed brushless motor for achieving a deep tissue massage, and muscle massage. Four massage heads and five speeds provide a scientifically-proven, impactful muscle massage experience. The 3C Lithium Battery ensures a long-lasting and safe-to-use device. The portable-sized design is easy to carry and is truly perfect for any time, anywhere use.

Pocket Size Percussion Massage Gun

Compact, yet weighing in at only 0.45kg (less than 1 lb), it can be easily stored away and taken anywhere. Bring a deep tissue massage on the go and during any daily life situation: at home, traveling, exercising, in the office, etc. One-Button controller is easy to use. Suitable for home, office, gymnasium, and other occasions.

High-Quality Lithium Battery

Massage intensity is 30% dependent on massage guns' battery capabilities. Renpho mini massage Gun is powered by a high-quality, upgraded 3C Lithium Battery. This battery improves the experience 3x over for better power output, a lower temperature, performance stability and safety, and a longer-lasting product lifetime. This deep tissue percussion muscle massage gun can be charged by USB-C.

Ultra Small Deep Tissue Massager

The high torque is 1.5 times that of similar mini massage guns on the market, meaning this muscle massage gun will not easily stall out when met with too much pressure and resistance. Likewise, the product life of Brushless Motors is more than 10x times longer than Motors with brushes. Your RENPHO Mini Massage Gun will remain powerful for a much longer time than other massage guns.

5 Speed Levels

RENPHO percussion massage gun offers 5 speed levels for different massage experiences. From the 1st level at 2000 RPM(Warming Up), 2nd level at 2300 RPM (Relieving Fascia), 3rd level at 2600 rpm(Breaking Down Lactic Acid), 4th level at 2900 rpm (Massaging Deep Tissue ), to the 5th level at 3200 rpm(Professional Mode). Each percussion intensity is gradually increased to achieve a more scientifically-supported approach to muscle and fascia tissue massaging!